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Safe, secure and development centered

Our day-care centers are safe, enjoyable and challenging environments where your child is given optimal care and attention and where children learn to play together. They are being cared for within a vertical group (0-4 years old) with a maximum of 12 children and 2 child care workers.

Attention to development
The children fully practice and learn in the day-care center group. Because we work from the pedagogical ECEC program Startblokken there is continuous attention to the children’s development. We track the development of your child with a child monitoring system. This contains a personal portfolio for every child, which we will discuss with you during parent’s meetings. There is place for children with an ECEC indication at a number of locations.

The different developmental phases of babies and toddlers will be taken into account during our activities. Sometimes we combine groups to provide an age centered activity, such as an outing in a pull along cart. We work thematically. During such a thematic period the play corner in the group goes through a metamorphosis and suddenly turns into a bakery, post office or camp site. Diverse creative game activities are part of such a theme. The children will be introduced to new concepts playfully. There is additional choice for children aged 3 and older.

Our child care workers write in a digital diary and take pictures of the adventures of your child. Through our parental portal and SKH app you will be able to see into this anytime and anywhere and you can easily send messages to our employees.

Area and nature discovery garden
The group and outside areas are fashioned to stimulate the babies’ and toddlers’ curiosity, to encourage their independence and self-reliance and to make the children feel safe and secure. At every location there’s a special baby corner where they can go on a safe journey of discovery and where their senses are being stimulated. We aim to go outdoors every day, where the children enjoy playing in our nature discovery garden.

Daily schedule and food
You bring your child between 7 and 9 AM. Every location has its own daily schedule. SKH has a healthy food policy, about which we make conscious choices. The children can be picked up between 4 and 6.30 PM.

Getting used to the DCC
We find it important to get to know you and your child well, which is why we strongly value an adjustment period. The child learns to get to know the child care workers and the other children while parent is safely present. During the introduction meeting we will agree on an adjustment program. We offer this adjustment period, two weeks before the start date of the contract, for free.

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