Child care is more than child’s play

Preparation for school
Preparing toddlers and pre-school children for school is an art form. Young children are developing and learning, by playing (together) with other children and adults, in an area that is organized challengingly and child friendly; in a safe and secure environment, where the parents are fully involved and can learn how to support their child’s development.

Two and three year-olds play joyfully, while they feel extra nice because of the opportunities on offer and because of the area in which they play together. Even if they’re offered an additional opportunity just once a week, their development will make big leaps of progress! For this reason, SKH has a special offer to prepare them for primary school. We meet the requirements to supervise children with an ECEC indication.

Playful learning in the vertical group
In a vertical group (0-4 years old) children already learn a lot, but with only 2 and 3 year-olds, a different playing level arises. Their curiosity and natural need for learning is fully stimulated. And toddlers can also practice things such as awaiting their turn and telling a story within the circle. Within small groups, SKH offers children in the vertical groups a broadening of the themes in the group, with extra attention paid to fostering their vocabulary and increasing their understanding of language.

Toddler arrangement
Two locations of SKH have a special offer for toddlers from the age of 2.
SKH Elif
SKH Ceder

Development from the age of 3
When they are three years old, children will go through a little developmental leap. They want to be challenged and play together more. A great need will arise to ‘learn’ more and to acquire certain skills. The children want to be taken seriously about this desire. At this age they increasingly notice the world around them and they have a growing desire to understand it. They practice all kinds of actions they see around them daily by role playing, such as buying something in a shop or going to the doctor’s.

The options for 3 year-olds at our locations are organized in different ways:

Driesprong group at school
In the primary school de Ichtus is Driesprong group, SKH de Grote Beer, that are organized in close co-operation with the school and the playgroups of Stichting Netwerk. One daily period a week the groups join the school activities, which makes for a very natural transition to primary school.

3+ group at DCC de Tamboerijn
SKH de Tamboerijn has chosen to divide children by age. In addition to the groups of children aged 0-3 years old, all children aged 3 and older are going to the 3+ group.

3+ activities at the day-care center
Several day-care centers have chosen a regular daily period for offering 3+ activities. You can find more information at the location:
SKH Amiketoj
SKH de Bonte Koe
SKH Ceder
SKH Do Re Mi

Our child care workers will keep a digital diary and take photographs of the adventures of your child. Using our parental portal and the SKH app, you are able to look into this anytime and anywhere and you can easily send messages to our employees.