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Enjoying lunch together 

Children stay over at school every day. At the request of several schools, SKH is organizing the Lunchtime care. SKH prioritizes a safe and secure environment where children can stay, eat and drink in a relaxed atmosphere. To safeguard this, the Lunchtime care is realized in a structured manner.

A homey lunch club
There is a separate child care room with two Lunchtime care employees for every group of 20 to 25 children. The youngest children will be brought to Lunchtime care by a teacher or will be picked up from class by an employee. When the meal is finished, we clean up together, and then the lunch club begins. Children are able to choose from creative and sportive activities that predominantly take place outdoors. They can also relax in the ‘chill out corner’ or play freely. The most important thing is that children have an easy time at the Lunchtime care. After Lunchtime care has finished, the youngest children will be brought back to their own classes again by an employee.

Responsible lunch package
SKH assumes that you provide your child with a responsible lunch package to bring along. SKH takes care of milk, children’s tea or water. In case your child would like to drink something else, you can give this to bring along. Carbon based drinks are not allowed. Eating candy is allowed within limits. There are clear rules and agreements considering hygiene, behavior at the table, table manners and social relationships. Eating and drinking is supposed to be an enjoyable activity. This is why a child will never be forced to eat, but will be encouraged to.

The charge for Lunchtime care depends on the level of professional group supervision that is employed. The Lunchtime care employees at SKH are professional child care workers and/or group helps. The rates vary between 3 to 5 euro’s per stay, depending on your child’s school.

Contract or multi-tickets
If you make structural use of Lunchtime care, it is beneficial to arrange a contract with SKH. This is already relevant for one day a month. You can also make use of a multi-ticket. This is valid during the entire period your child is at the primary school. At your request, the part of the multi-ticket that remains unused will be refunded at the end of the primary school period.

We ask you to inform the teacher about your child is staying over. It is important that the teacher knows on which days your child goes to Lunchtime care and, consequently, won’t be picked up by you.

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