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Working together, taking responsibility and handling differences

Together in the neighborhood
We take care that your child is picked up from school by one of our employees. Our out-of-school care locations are interlinked with local primary schools and are part of their areas or neighborhoods. This way, we encourage meetings between teachers and child care workers, so the children will feel safe and secure.

An activity program full of adventure
At the OSC there is the space and time to carry out the children’s fun and sometimes silly ideas. SKH views children’s participation as a great good. During the periodical children’s meetings we talk about what the children would want to do at the OSC, which themes they like and which group rules they think are important. The ideas come from the children and they consist of activities in the fields of sports, games, craft, constructive play, cooking, theater and music. Children decide where they want to join in, while they are also always allowed to choose for free play, indoors or outdoors. We work based on the principles of the ‘Peaceful OSC’.

Areas and independence
The group and outdoor areas are organized to encourage the children’s curiosity, to stimulate their independence and self-reliance and to provide a place where they feel safe and secure. Children enjoy playing in the nature discovery garden. When a child is old enough to travel home or to music or sports classes independently, we lay this down in an independence contract, which we draw up together with the children and their parents.

Our child care workers will take photographs of the adventures of your child. Using our parental portal and the SKH app, you can look into this anytime and anywhere and you can easily send messages to our employees.

Breakfast (Pre-school care) and lunch (Lunchtime care)
In order to start the day well, your children can have a sociable and healthy breakfast at ours. This allows for you as a parent to leave quietly for work and for your child to eat breakfast peacefully. This is pleasant for the children, but also for you as a parent. We take care of bringing your child to school.

In case your school doesn’t have a continuous schedule, we offer Lunchtime care.

Contractual forms
There are three possible contractual options for OSC:

  • School weeks: child care during school weeks, including the school’s predetermined lesson-free days that are part of the yearly schedule.
  • School weeks + 4 holiday weeks*
  • School weeks + 8 holiday weeks*
  • School weeks + all holiday weeks*

*When the placement starts during the calendar year, the amount of holidays will be calculated according to ratio.

It’s also possible to buy in separate holidays at the OSC.

Adjusting to the OSC
When placed at the OSC we find it pleasant to get to know each other well. This is why we will arrange an adjustment period with the parents. Would you like a tour first? You are more than welcome!

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