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Music, theater or nature

Do you have a real stage actor at home? A potential dancer or singer? Or does your child find it immensely enjoyable to discover nature? Then you can register your child for one of the thematic OSC’s.
The activities at the thematic OSC provide an even more attractive range of choice for children aged 7 years and older. The thematic OSC’s are opened during school weeks. Transportation from every school in Hoorn is arranged by SKH.

Music lessons at SKH Boedijn: : The children receive music lessons between 3.30 and 5 PM from a professional music teacher of Muziekschool Boedijn. The goals of the music lessons are: singing and playing together, getting to know musical instruments and general music education. Before and after classes there is room for free play and playing outside.

Theater lessons at SKH het Podium: The children receive theater lessons between 4 and 5.30 PM, such as dancing, theater, singing, et cetera. The children learn everything about working together, improvising, expressing who they are and empathizing with other people. Finally, it will lead to a smashing, collective performance.

Going into nature at SKH de Molshoop: The children are free to play within nature, on the swing or to help on the farm. At 3.30 PM, when all children are indoors, we feed the animals. Then there’s a new activity every week, such as going on organized searches, going to the playground or baking bread above the fire stove.

Thematic OSC’s are offered at the regular OSC rate. This means that there are no additional costs!

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