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SKH Amiketoj | DCC | 3+ | OSC

SKH Amiketoj is a modern, large location. We offer child-care to children aged 0 to 12 years old, divided over 4 DCC groups and 2 OSC groups for children of primary schools Dynamis and Elif.

Playing indoors
What makes SKH Amiketoj special are its versatile and playfully designed rooms. No rooms that are rectangular and identical, but that are different in form and size. Because of the many large windows, the lighting is wonderful! The cozy group rooms offer a lot of playing material. The DCC groups are all adjacent to the playing hall as well as to the discovery garden. Because the groups have been linked per two, this offers the toddlers opportunities for ‘discovering’. This way, they can have a look at the children of the group next door. For the children of the OSC there is a nice, large and cozy inner room. There is a separate room that is designed especially for the oldest children.

Playing outdoors
All DCC groups in SKH Amiketoj lead to the beautiful nature discovery garden, where the children are given full room to discover, play and learn. There is a fairytale forest, a hill for water fun, a willow tunnel and a baby garden for the littlest ones. There are also many fruit trees in the garden so that we can eat delicious pears, berries and raspberries. Every day there is at least half an hour for playing outdoors. This has the added bonus that the children are simply allowed to get dirty! For every child there are boots and overalls, which means that it’s fine to play unassumingly, even when the weather is not all that.

For the OSC, there is a nature discovery garden at the rear end and a little field that has two goals, where the children are able to play. We also often play in the spacious yard of primary school Elif or on a little playground in the neighborhood.

All children aged 3 years old gather on Tuesday mornings for the Driesprong activities. Here they playfully work on the skills that are important to make a good start at primary school. They do crafts, construction and they play parlor games. This is how we want to offer the oldest children more space and challenges.

OSC on Wednesdays, Fridays and during the school holidays
Wednesday and Friday afternoons, the children go from school to SKH Ceder. Just like during the holidays, there will be an activities program on offer at this location that will run for multiple weeks

“With nice themes, activities and a healthy dose of humor, we enjoy every afternoon! It is a privilege to offer a contribution to every child’s life. We carry this out, which makes the contact with parents warm and personal.”

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