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BSO de Ark | OSC

SKH de Ark consists of two locations: Ark 1 inside primary school de Tweemaster and Ark 2 inside primary school de Pontonnier. At both locations a maximum of 30 children are taken care of, divided into one group of 20 children and one group of 10 children. The youngest children (4-7 years old) of both schools go to Ark 1 and the oldest children (8-12 years old) go to Ark 2. This way, the children will be playing with their contemporaries after school in a group area that completely suits their wishes! The location is near shopping center de Huesmolen and the Risdammerhout park.

Playing indoors at Ark 1
The fun already starts in the spacious hall, where an obstacle course or hut can be made with playing mats and cushions. We have our own kitchen at our disposal as well as a studio that is used to have fun doing crafts. Old machines and things can be taken apart in the demolition corner. There are also possibilities here for hammering and sawing. Eating, drinking and talking is done in the group room. There is also a dolls corner, a drawing corner and a construction corner, while there is regularly someone reading a booklet on the sofa.

Playing indoors at Ark 2
This location has been designed brand new in 2018 according to the wishes of the oldest children. There’s a kitchen with a bar, a game room with a PlayStation, a chill-out place inside the house, a technical room and a make-up/dressing-up corner.

Playing outdoors
There are spacious yards with grass fields surrounding both locations. Here we apply the Johan Cruijff principle, with plenty of challenging and diverse sports and games materials. The location also has the disposal of a slide, a climbing frame and a table tennis table.

Community school Risdam Zuid
SKH de Ark is part of the Community School Risdam Zuid. This is a co-operation between the three primary schools in the area, three child care organizations, Stichting Netwerk and the Bibliotheek Risdam library. We share the goals that children meet each other in the neighborhood, that they discover their talents and gain self-confidence. But we also want them to acquire responsibilities and to take them for themselves and for the environment.

OSC during school holidays
During the holidays, children of SKH de Musketiers play at our location. This way, the children of the neighborhood will meet each other and they can work together.

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