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SKH Boedijn | Thematic OSC

Does your child enjoy music and singing and does he/she want to develop further musically? Then SKH Boedijn, located in Muziekschool Boedijn in the center of Hoorn, is well suited to your child.

The location offers room to a group of maximally 20 children aged 7 years and older and is opened during school weeks, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Between 3.30 PM and 5.00 PM, the children will receive music classes from various professional music teachers of Muziekschool Boedijn.

The goals of the music lessons are: singing and playing together, getting to know different instruments and general music education.

Before and after class there is room for free play and playing outdoors. The music OSC is offered at regular charges. There are no extra costs!


Read the most recent GGD report of SKH Boedijn here (Dutch only).

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