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SKH de Bonte Koe | DCC | 3+ | Lunchtime care

SKH de Bonte Koe is located inside primary school Socrates. It is part of the community school and is near MFA de Kreek. We provide day-care for children aged 0-4 years old and Lunchtime care for the pupils of Socrates.

Playing indoors
In the two vertical groups, children are able to play calmly in the different play corners. On the floor, there is a playpen for the babies to crawl and play in safely. Within the building, the toddlers also often go ‘outdoors’. When your brother or sister is over there, it is a lot of fun to go from one group to see the other one. Or we all go out to the kitchen to pick up our fruit. And if you’re almost 4 years old, you’re allowed to have a look at your future class! Sometimes, we also play at the playgroup of Stichting Netwerk. They have different toys than we have at ours, so the children will enjoy themselves over there as well.

Playing outdoors
In the beautiful closed-off outdoor playing area there is a nature discovery garden, which is enjoyed daily: bicycling, clambering, running, playing with sand in the sandbox or baking mud pies in the outdoor kitchen. There is enough room and outdoor playing material for playing. We have created a spot where bicycles are not allowed for the smaller children, so they can quietly play and discover. There are poles standing in the square that can be used for building beautiful tents. We are able to harvest our spices from the garden as well. Here we have thyme, lemongrass, lavender, but the spices we have sown ourselves have also been planted here. And let’s not forget that we have our own cow on the grass!

All children aged 3 years old gather on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for the Driesprong activities. Here they playfully work on the skills that are important to make a good start at primary school. By expanding on the themes, extra attention will be paid to advancing the children’s vocabulary and enlarging their understanding of language.

ECEC (VVE) status (Early Childhood Education and Care)
We meet the quality requirements to care for children with a VVE indication.

0229 261 933

Read the most recent GGD-report of SKH de Bonte Koe (DCC) here (Dutch only).

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