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What are the costs of our child care?

As an organization we don’t have a profit motive. We guarantee a high quality. Food, diapers, activities and care products (such as sun screen) are included in our charges. Our charge for day care starts at € 7,45 per hour and out-of-school care at € 6,95 per hour.

Read more about our possibilities for flexible child care or the grandma & grandpa package. At the OSC, it is also possible to buy separate multi-tickets for holidays.

For working parents, the government offers a compensation for the costs with a child care allowance. To be eligible for this, you need to make a request at the Belastingdienst yourself: If necessary, we can assist you.

Calculation tool
To calculate the costs for day-care or out-of-school care, you can make use of our calculation tool. On the basis of your data, anonymously and without any commitments, this allows you to calculate the total costs (including allowances) for your children. You can find the general terms and conditions here.

Not convinced that child care provides additional value to the development of your child? Then watch this short video:

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