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SKH Do Re Mi | DCC| 3+ | OSC

At our modern and spacious location SKH Do Re Mi, we offer child-care to 0-12 years old, which consists of 2 DCC groups and 2 OSC groups for children of primary schools de Klipper (Dubloen) and de Tandem. Our location is characterized by an open and light structure and is complete with a beautiful nature discovery garden. We are well accessible by the provincial road N506 and are located near various parks and playgrounds.

Playing indoors

The DCC groups can be found on the ground floor, where the children have a spacious room to play, eat, drink, sleep and discover in. Additionally, in the large playpens, the littlest ones have a nice, special place in the group where they can crawl and discover. In between the groups there is a shared playroom, that is used to offer challenging activities that fit in with the general developmental phase of the age group and with the thematically focused way of working. This is how we create a challenging pedagogical climate for optimal self-development of the children.

The OSC groups are on the top floor of the building, where the OSC has the disposal of two somewhat smaller group areas, a large general area and a large kitchen for cooking to one’s heart’s content together with the children. There are challenging materials for the younger as well as for the older children. On the stage, children will be challenged to theatrical performance and imaginative play.

Playing outdoors
Both DCC groups have direct access to the garden, which is completely designed as a nature discovery garden. The OSC groups can reach it through the roof terrace. The discovery garden has hills, a swamp with logs for climbing, willowed huts and, for the oldest children, a construction area to build huts. At the closed-off outdoor playing area, children can enjoy themselves freely.

All children aged 3 years old gather on Monday and Thursday mornings for the Driesprong activities. Here they work playfully on the skills that are important to make a good start at elementary school. They do crafts, construction and they play parlor games. This way, we want to offer the oldest children more room and challenges.

OSC during school holidays
During school holidays the children go from school to SKH het Spectrum. At this location they are offered a special activities program.

“Organizing high quality child-care, together with our team, which leaves children, parents as well as child care workers satisfied, is our biggest motivator. We stand strong together!”

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