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SKH Het Fluitschip | DCC | OSC

SKH Het Fluitschip is located inside public primary school Het Fluitschip and offers child care to children aged 0 – 12 years old. Our small scale location strives for a domestic atmosphere in order to be accessible for children, parents and/or caretakers, so everyone will feel at home and is able to come inside comfortably.

Playing indoors
We have a DCC group (0-4 years old) and an OSC group (4-12 years old). We also make use of the playgroup, where we offer sportive activities. Our 3-year-olds go here weekly, together with the toddlers from school who do physical exercise here together. We work with changing themes that are visible within the groups.

The DCC group offers place to 12 children aged 0-4 years old. It is paramount to have a safe pedagogical climate, where children are able and allowed to develop in their own way. The group area is fashioned with a couple of play corners.

Our OSC group offers place to 20 children aged 4 to 12 years old and provides many opportunities for children, such as crafts, constructive play and reading. The group area is divided into different corners; a puppet corner, constructive play corner, reading corner and crafting corner.

Playing outdoors
The garden at the front side of the building is the nature disovery garden, where the DCC offers children the opportunity to find a way in nature to discover something new again and again.

There’s a beautiful, recently refurbished, outdoor playing area at the rear side, which children from the OSC are allowed to use. When the weather is nice, we picnic there in the shadow of the large trees. We have a table tennis table, sandbox, a couple of climbing frames, a slide and a large football field. The children are free to enjoy themselves here. We have diverse outdoor gaming materials that challenge the children to play together. We also regularly go with the children to the city playground. This is located at walking distance from the location. During the school holidays, nice outings will be organized; depending on the weather, we go to the swimming pool, to an amusement park or we just walk or go by bicycle to a fun place in the neighborhood.

Child care on Wednesday afternoons, Friday afternoons and during the school holidays
On Wednesday and Friday afternoons the children of SKH de Grote Beer come to our location. Just like during the holidays, there will be an activities program on offer at this location that will run for multiple weeks. This is how they meet children from the neighborhood and how they can work and play together.

“We in the Neighborhood”
There is a close co-operation with the school, the Bernardus van Bockxmeerschool, Stichting Netwerk and the library. The plan is called “Wij in de Wijk” (“We in the Neighborhood”). We actively participate in projects in the neighborhood and during the winter months we join the sports activities in Sports Centre Vredehof. These are organized by Sportopbouwwerk Hoorn. In De Zaagtand, the neighborhood center of Hoorn Noord, we join the Kids Club.

“Organizing high quality child care, that satisfies children, parents as well as child care workers, together with the teams, is my biggest motivator.”

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