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SKH de Grote Beer | 3+ | OSC

SKH de Grote Beer is located centrally inside de Grote Waal in primary school Ichthus, near the shopping center and the children’s farm. We offer out-of-school care (OSC) to children from all primary schools in the neighborhood (Zonnewijzer, Jules Verne and Ichthus) where they meet each other and play together. Every Thursday morning the 3-year-olds arrive at de Driesprong to prepare for primary school naturally.

Playing indoors
At SKH de Grote Beer every child feels at home. Its small scale and the co-operation with school provides our children with a lot of opportunities for games and activities. We are equipped with challenging crafting and constructive play material, dressing-up stuff and more. Our children can withdraw quietly on the couch, they can do sportive activities in the playroom of the primary school or they can occupy themselves creatively in the handicrafts room.

Playing outdoors
The OSC children can put all their energy into the richly equipped schoolyard of primary school Ichthus, with a climbing house, horizontal bars, a swing, a sandbox, a table tennis table and plenty of room to play football, ride a go-kart or skip ropes.

OSC on Wednesdays, Fridays and during school holidays
On Wednesday and Friday afternoons the children go from school to SKH het Fluitschip. Just like during the holidays, there will be an activities program on offer at this location that will run for multiple weeks. This way they will meet the children from the neighborhood and they can work and play together.

“Everything that you give attention to will grow”

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Read the most recent GGD report of SKH de Grote Beer-OSC here (Dutch only).
Read the most recent GGD report of SKH de Grote Beer-DCC here (Dutch only).



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