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IKEC Jonge Kind | OSC

Special education, healthcare and child care, everything in one place. This is the ideal for children, parents and professionals who are working together intensively. It’s possible at the Integraal Kind en Expertise Centrum (Integral Child and Expertise Center, IKEC) Jonge Kind. The IKEC Jonge Kind is located at the edge of the Risdammerhout Park and near children’s farm de Woid and shopping center de Huesmolen. Here, SKH offers small scale child care for children aged 2 to 7 years old.

Together for the child
Our location offers an intensive and integral co-operation between SBO de Piramide, SBO de Wissel, SO ZML/MG de Eenhoorn, Aloysius, centre for daytime care Parlan, partnership De Westfriese Knoop and also Stichting Kinderopvang Hoorn. Within IKEC our specialized child care workers work together for and around the child with one pedagogical policy.

Our space is designed to spend leisure time in a nice, structured and meaningful way. Structure makes things predictable for the children, which makes the child feel safe in the environment. Emphasizing the good qualities and a positive approach makes the children’s social and emotional skills grow.

Child care during school holidays
During the holidays the children of SKH de Wissel also come to our location or we go to SKH de Wissel together with the children. This way, the children meet each other and they can work and play together.

‘Children grow into beautiful people when you give them boundaries and treat them lovingly.’

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Read the most recent GGD report of IKEC Jonge Kind (DCC) here (Dutch only).
Read the most recent GGD report of IKEC Jonge Kind (OSC) here (Dutch only).

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