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SKH Kameleon | Lunchtime care | OSC

SKH de Kameleon shares a building with primary school de Klipper. Together we’re called ‘brede school De Bres’. Our location offers place to three OSC groups of maximally 20 children and has the disposal of a fantastic nature discovery garden.

Playing indoors
For the oldest children (7+ years old) there is a chill out room where they can use the computer, read, play games, watch television and just have a good time playing together. Adjacent to the group where we gather after school, we have a crafts room and a gym hall that we make use of.

Playing outdoors
The location has a nature discovery garden that encourages the inventiveness of the children and that is optimal for them to go on a journey of discovery, to do gardening and to play. They can also have all the fun in the world in the large schoolyard and on the field adjacent to it for playing and football.

We work activity-centered at our location. The children invent the diverse activities together with the child care workers. Here, the wishes of the children are central. The activities on offer are sports and games, creative activities in diverse forms (painting, drawing, crafts), cooking, music, theater, et cetera. Parents are able to read the location’s activity program on its activity board.

OSC on Wednesdays, Fridays and during school holidays
On Wednesday and Friday afternoons the children go from school to SKH het Spectrum. Just like during the holidays, there will be an activities program on offer at this location that will run for multiple weeks. This way, the children of the neighborhood meet each other and they can work together.

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Read the most recent GGD report of SKH de Kameleon OSC here (Dutch only).

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