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SKH de Kreek | DCC | Lunchtime care | OSC

In September 2018, a day-care group (0-4 years old) starts at this location.

SKH de Kreek is located inside primary school Roald Dahl, which is connected to MFA de Kreek. The durable building is made completely from wood and is energy efficient in use. We offer day-care to 5 OSC groups of children from primary schools Socrates and Roald Dahl.

Playing indoors
The groups are sorted by age. Every group has different play corners. We have, for instance, a cuddling corner in the group Krekels (4-5 year-olds). In this corner, there are mattresses on the ground, with lots of pillows. Here, the children can lie down and read quietly, but they can also romp around without hurting themselves. Because of our open door policy, the children can make use of all the corners. There’s a private chill out corner constructed for the group Koekedief (8 to 12 year-olds). In addition to the structure of these groups, we are allowed to make use of the community school library. On rainy days it is particularly delightful to read a booklet (aloud) in the cozily arranged library.

Playing outdoors
The outdoor area is partially constructed as a nature discovery garden. We make use of primary school Roald Dahl’s schoolyard to organize sports and gaming activities, so the children can enjoy playing freely. Or we make use of the Johan Cruyff Court on the other side of the street. We also offer a service to bring your child to a sports club.

Activity centered
All children have their own basis groups with regular mealtimes, where they always have a safe basis to return to. In addition, your child has a daily choice of activities that he or she might want to join. These activities always happen under the supervision of one or more child care workers. This way, children can always pick the activities that suit them and that they require.

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