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SKH de Molshoop | Thematic OSC

We are located in Nature Park MAK-Blokweer. Here, there is a farm, a nature playground and a park. We are a 15 minute walk away from train station Hoorn Kersenboogerd. Children from all schools in Hoorn are allowed to come. We will take care of the transport!

A day at de Molshoop:
Upon arrival, the children will immediately go to the table to pick up their fruit, crackers and drinks themselves. Afterwards, they are able to play freely in nature, on the swings or to help on the farm. A 3.30 PM, when all children are indoors, we will feed the animals. Every child is assigned an animal that they are allowed to feed.

Every week, after taking care of the animals, we offer a new activity. This may vary: doing crafts, making little bird houses, making Christmas pieces, doing scavenger hunts, going to the nature playground or baking breads on the fire basket. If the weather is not all that, there are also enough games and crafting materials for the children to play with independently. At 5 PM we drink tea, after which the children are able to play in the upper area and are ready to be picked up.

“It’s my biggest motivation to organize high quality child care that satisfies children, parents as well as child care workers”

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Read the most recent GGD report of SKH de Molshoop here (Dutch only).

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