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SKH de Raccers | OSC / SKH het Podium | Thematic OSC
At de Raccers we offer out-of-school care (OSC) in a beautiful old building. The renovated building is located in the inner city, near the station, the library and a delightful park. Behind the location there’s a spacious parking area. We closely co-operate with the Maria school and the Montessori school (Gravenstraat). We also work together with Buurtnetwerk Stadskern, Parlan and the library.

Playing indoors

There are five groups of maximally 20 children that are sorted by age. The areas for children between 4 and 6 years old are on the ground floor. The areas for children aged 7 years and older are upstairs. The theatrical OSC is also located inside the building, where children aged 7 years old and older from all schools in Hoorn are allowed to come. Children are allowed to cook under supervision in the central kitchen. Upstairs there is a beautiful theater stage and a spacious constructive play corner. The different groups provide the children with opportunities to undertake challenging activities.

Playing outdoors

In our beautiful closed off outdoor playing area the children can enjoy themselves freely. We are the proud owners of a nature discovery garden with a wigwam, willow tunnel, hiding places, a mud pie kitchen and a kitchen garden. We are also allowed to use the schoolyard of the Montessori school next door.

Swimming lessons!

The children are able to join swimming lessons (diploma A) on Tuesday afternoons at sports center Frits van der Werff. You need to take care of the registration and payment yourself by mentioning SKH. After that, you only have to give your child the swimming gear to bring to the OSC. You can find substantive information about the swimming lessons here (Dutch only).
“Enjoying a beautiful day again and again, together with the child, in a place where he or she is allowed and able to be him or herself” (team Raccers)
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Read the most recent GGD report of SKH de Raccers here (Dutch only).

Theater OSC

The Theater OSC is opened during schoolweeks on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. On these days the children receive drama classes from 4.00 PM-5.30 PM, where daring to be silly, moving freely, coming up with your own ideas and having fun are key. There are also moments during the year when we work towards a smashing performance.
Theater BSO 2Theater BSO
Read the most recent GGD report of SKH het Podium here (Dutch only).

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