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SKH St. Jozef | OSC

SKH St. Jozef is a small scale, out-of-school care centre (OSC), consisting of one OSC group of 20 children. It is located inside a beautiful authentic building, together with the St. Jozefschool. Nature park MAK Blokweer is nearby. Adjacent to the neighborhood school is a small playground where children are able to play.

Playing indoors
In the living area, there is something to do for everyone! We have different corners in the group, such as a chill out corner with beanbags, a constructive play corner, a drawing and crafts corner and a gaming corner as well. Children can enjoy themselves with Playmobil, but they can also play parlor games together. We have a little attic that is furnished as a domestic corner with dolls, kitchen items and a small kitchen. Plenty of creative activities are being offered. Children are free to do what they want. Coloring and drawing, claying and painting; children have every opportunity to enjoy themselves freely. If it is raining outside, we can make use of the playroom inside the school, where sports and games activities are being offered. It is fun to do physical exercises and to play together!

Playing outdoors
There is plenty to do on the spacious playground, which is happily made use of. In addition to the sports and games activities that are being offered, the children are able to play freely. In the yard there is a climbing ship, a sandbox, a climbing wall, a somersault bar and a hut made from willow branches. There is enough material available to play around with happily.

OSC on Wednesdays, Fridays and during the school holidays
On Wednesday and Friday afternoons the children go from school to SKH De Bussel, as well as during the holidays. At this location, an activities program will be offered that runs for multiple weeks. This way, the children from the neighborhood will meet each other and they will be able to work together.

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Read the most recent GGD report of SKH St. Jozef here (Dutch only).

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