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SKH ’t Bloemenhuisje | DCC

SKH ’t Bloemenhuisje is a modern, cozy day-care center located inside townhouse ‘De veilige haven’ in Abbekerk. The townhouse is the social and cultural heart of Abbekerk where everyone meets each other. The location offers space to 2 DCC groups of maximally 12 children aged 0-4 years old. Because of the close-knit regular team, the children will feel at home quickly at ‘t Bloemenhuisje. Our location is next to the A7 highway and easily accessible.

Playing indoors
The modern areas have a fresh appearance and have many windows, which are also placed between the rooms. This makes it pleasantly light indoors and gives the child care center an open character. Because of the round shapes and porthole windows, there is an overall playful effect. Cozy corners have been created inside, such as a domestic corner, a construction corner and a pleasant reading corner. The themes we work with are visible within the group. For the babies we have a playpen where they can quietly discover things or stimulate their senses. The hanging cradle in the group is also a favorite spot for the youngest babies. Both groups have a door to the outdoor area.

Playing outdoors
The nice and spacious outdoor area surrounds the building. There are large trees in the yard that provide plenty of shadow when the weather is nice. When spring breaks through, the kitchen garden will be fully planted again, while the children take their tasks seriously immediately. Good care will be taken of the plants. The littlest ones can quietly play in the outdoor playpen, or on a small rug in the grass where there are no children riding around with bicycles. The latter can ‘race’ to their heart’s content on the play-road on the other side of the yard and, when necessary, make a pit stop there to tank. Together with the children we walk to the shop across the street for some groceries. Or we go for a walk with a pull along cart through the park.

0229 285 855

Read the most recent GGD report of SKH ’t Bloemenhuisje here (Dutch only).

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