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SKH de Tamboerijn | DCC | 3+

De Tamboerijn is one of our oldest locations, beautifully and quietly located near the center of Hoorn and the NS train station. Inside the spaciously designed location we offer day-care for 0-4 year-olds sorted by four groups: three vertical groups (0-3 years) and one 3+ group.

Playing indoors
In the groups, children will play calmly in the diverse playing corners. There are small playpens and a large one for the babies to crawl and play in safely. The older toddlers are allowed to play in the playing area in the large hall, in small groups and with the door open – they think this is fantastic! With pillows in all shapes and sizes they can build a beautiful track and then the climbing and clambering can begin. Or they can play at the sand table or do another challenging activity.

Playing outdoors
The children use the nature discovery garden daily used with lots of pleasure. Adjacent to the garden are our little outdoor beds, directly adjacent to the group area. In these covered beds, the babies can have a delightful sleep in the healthy open air.

The 3+ group!
SKH de Tamboerijn has a group especially for all children aged 3 to 4 years old, the 3+ group. A maximum of 16 children aged 3 years old work playfully on the skills that we think are important to make a good start at primary school. We regularly go on trips to the park, to the city playground, to a place that ties into the theme, or to the nursery class of the Maria school or the Montessori school.

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Read the most recent GGD report of SKH de Tamboerijn here (Dutch only).

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