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SKH de Wingerd | OSC

SKH de Wingerd is located inside primary school de Wingerd and offers out-of-school care to an OSC group of 20 children aged 4 to 12 years old. Neighborhood park Bangaerde and swimming pool De Wijzend are in the neighborhood. When offering activities, we are looking for as much connection with the school and the neighborhood as possible.

Playing indoors
OOur area is suitable for different age groups. The younger children can enjoy playing in the home corner with a ‘real’ house, in which they can dress up and immerse themselves in their play. The older children are free to enjoy themselves on the computer or by playing table football. In the chill out corner they are able to read a booklet quietly. There are also opportunities for children to keep themselves occupied with challenging activities.

Playing outdoors
The spacious play yard of De Wingerd contains fun equipment and diverse outdoor materials, such as a go-kart, so children will be challenged to play together joyfully. Outings to the neighborhood park, the playground and the children’s farm are regularly on our schedule.

OSC on Wednesday, Friday and during school holidays
On Wednesday and Friday afternoons, children will go on from school to SKH de Bussel. Just like during the holidays, there will be an activities program on offer at this location that will run for multiple weeks, with activities such as cooking or visiting Mak Blokweer. The children are also able to play in this location’s beautiful natural playground.

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Read the most recent GGD report of SKH de Wingerd here (Dutch only).


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