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SKH de Wissel | OSC

SKH de Wissel is near NS train station Hoorn and is located inside SBO de Wissel. The location offers room to a group of maximally 14 children. In addition to the co-operation with the school, we work together with Lijn6, Buurtnetwerk Stadskern and the library. For extra support in the group we have a close connection with Parlan.

Playing indoors
Indoors, there is a nice group area available for use. We can also make use of the school’s gym hall.

Playing outdoors
We make use of the schoolyard of SBO de Wissel. There are also different spots in the area that we make use of, such as the hockey yard where we often play football with the children.

Regular daily schedule
We keep a steady daily rhythm. After school hours the children will be picked up by us and then we drink and eat together in the basis group. Between 4 and 5 PM there are activities on offer, which will be determined together with the children. The children are able to choose between different sports and games activities, creative activities, cooking or gardening.

OSC during school holidays
During the holidays, children from the IKEC also come to our location or the children go to the IKEC. This way, the children will meet each other and they can work and play together.

0229 763 909

Read the most recent GGD report of SKH de Wissel here (Dutch only).


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