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SKH Zonnelicht | DCC | OSC

SKH Zonnelicht is the natural child-care center of Hoorn! We give the children biological food, take care of the kitchen garden and often play outdoors. We focus on creativity, physical exercise and music. This is how we playfully teach children to appreciate each other as well as nature. We pay plenty of attention to the rhythm of the seasons.

We are located inside the Montessori school Kersenboogerd near the NS train station. You can easily park in front of the entrance. We offer day-care and OSC – two forms of child care under one roof. Efficient for parents, but especially pleasant for children, because of the smaller transition to a higher group.

We have the disposal of four playing areas, a gym hall and a schoolyard with a garden. We rummage through the park in the neighborhood and also go on organized searches. In the yard, the children go climbing, diving and footballing together with their friends. There is a large sandbox to play in and the kitchen garden is taken care of by the children. We always have time to admire small creatures and butterflies.

Day-care center
At ours, a secure feeling, warmth and attention are central. The different playful activities, such as lullabies and sensory games, contribute to social emotional development and stimulate the children’s creativity and their playing together. We adjust to the rhythm of your child.
The children play outside in the sandbox or play with the outdoor toys and the balance bikes. For the littlest ones we lay cloths outside during the summer, so they can discover the world safely. During winters we walk with the babies a lot.

Out-of-school care
We offer out-of-school care (OSC) to children of the Montessorischool Kersenboogerd and the Westfriese Vrijeschool Parcival, while we take care of the transport to and from school. There are two OSC groups, the Dolfijnen (4-7 year-olds) and the Pinguïns (7-12 year-olds) where the children can play, relax and discover together with their contemporaries.

For more info, see our brochure.

‘Zonnelicht is caring and child focused. My children feel safe and welcome. They are never in a hurry to go home. When they were little, I found the warm hug very pleasant. Now they enjoy constructive play and playing outdoors. At night, they’re lying in bed with red cheeks, while they’re feeling fulfilled.’

0229 508900/0229 265614

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Read the most recent GGD report of SKH Zonnelicht (OSC) here (Dutch only).


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